Negotiating a lease can be overwhelming, expensive, and take a long time...but it doesn't have to be.  By utilizing years of successfully reviewing and negotiating commercial leases, I've streamlined and simplified the lease negotiation process entirely.  My streamlined leasing process simplifies the negotiation experience by automating processes for a fast turnaround at a flat-fee.



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I’m Matt Massar, a lawyer with years of leasing knowledge, lease negotiation experience, and a singular focus of helping my clients get their leases negotiated and signed - with a fast turnaround and within a fixed budget. Regardless of your role in the lease process (start-up business tenant, franchisee, franchisor, sophisticated landlord, etc.) and the type of lease you are entering into, you've got to consider certain things at the outset:


Do what you're good at.  Leasing is a unique industry. Lease terms should be simple but unfortunately are often vague and one-sided.  The parties should be working towards fair, agreed-upon terms but are often prevented from doing so because one lease party has crazy leverage and uses it to bully the other.  You're good at what you do.  Get a leasing lawyer who's good at what they do - understanding the leasing business and negotiating leases to get deals done on time.

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Speed Matters.  Getting your lease finalized is just one step in the cog of opening a business location. If you hire just any lawyer (whether by a referral, google search, or your nearby strip mall) to assist with your lease, they're likely going to bill you on an hourly basis.  This becomes a problem because it incentivizes them to drag your lease negotiations out - not a big deal for them but a huge issue for you.  Don't keep your doors closed due to wasted over-lawyering and wasted billable time.  I get leases turned around in weeks (not months) and charge a flat fee that you can budget for. 

Knowledge is Power (and so is Money).  You need a lawyer who knows leasing and is willing to hustle to get your voice heard in the lease.  Even more, you need to know that the deal is going to get done fast, on budget, and with terms you can understand and agree to.  Every minute wasted before the execution of your lease represents a minute you could've been that much closer to getting your doors open and making money. Don't rush into an unfair lease or waste pointless time and money in lawyer back-and-forth games. Let's get going with your lease and get you on the way to opening your doors now. 


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Check out my latest eBook, "3 Mission-Critical Considerations to Negotiating Your Commercial Lease", by entering your email address below.

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"I've used Matt on numerous complicated lease and closing transactions for myself personally and also referred him to a variety of clients in need of legal help.  It's been my experience that typically lawyers slow deals down, but he's not just your typical lawyer - he gets deals done." 

Chase Spence, Senior Vice President, Colliers International


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